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Language Courses

Though learning a new language can be a challenging quest, research shows that it is one of the best ways to maintain your brain active.

Then you should recommend the language school which is held here in The Danish Cultural Institute, to give them a good start with the Danish language. At the moments the institute offers beginner and intermediate courses.


The institute offers the courses in three cities:

  •         Rio de Janeiro
  •         São Paulo
  •         Brasilia 


The Danish course lasts 10 weeks with two hours of classes a week. When you have completed the course, your Danish level will be A1 or A2 which is equivalent to “beginner” and “intermediate level”.


The courses contain classes in:


  •         Everyday conversations
  •         Pronunciation
  •         Reading
  •         Danish art and culture
  •       Danish history      


All the teachers are Danes and speak fluent Danish, English and Portuguese.


Will my spouse be able to use the Danish course in the Danish test regarding the application for permanent residence in Denmark?


No, the course is not a replacement for the official Danish test 1 and 2, which you have to pass in connection with the visa application.


However, the course uses similar material and methods as they use in the Danish test. By taking these Danish courses your spouse or friend will be well prepared for the Danish test in Denmark.


If you want to sign up for the language course or if you have any questions you can contact the Danish Cultural Institute in Brazil.


Contact Ana Oliveira, responsible for the language course, on: dansk@dinacultura.org


You are also welcome to call or stop by.