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11 · 08 · 2016


– The dialogue between two cities on the move.


In addition to the cultural activities in the Danish Pavilion at Ipanema Beach, the Cultural Institute of Denmark (DCI) has some core activities aimed at sustainable mobility and sustainable urban development at Praça Tiradentes in the center of Rio de Janeiro.


The culmination of these activities will be a debate with participation of politicians, researchers and experts from Denmark and Brazil on urban vitality and mobility on 13th of August


The urban transformation started in the area Praca Tiradentes, in the center of Rio de Janeiro, is an inspiring experience and an opportunity to promote a dialogue between Copenhagen and Rio de Janeiro. The debate will take place in the auditorium of the Carioca Design Centre (SSC) which concurrently will host the exhibition “Copenhagen Solutions – City Life and Sustainable Architecture in Denmark.”


Copenhagen and Rio de Janeiro are cities moving towards the rediscovery of its centers and recognizes that this is the way to greater environmental sustainabili- socially and economically. It is envisioned that the road to the city of the future is reconnecting with their heritage and their history, where walkability and cyclability are a quality inherent in the physical environment that promotes a good quality of life.


Recognizing their differences and similaidades certainly Copenhagen and Rio de Janeiro can exchange many experiences and learn from their successes and mistakes in the search for a better future.


Participants at the round table:


Mr. Washington Fajardo, President, IRPH (Instituto Rio Heritage)

Clarisse Linke, Director ITDP

Peter Kronstrøm, Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies, Latin America (SP)

Balder Brøndsted, Cyclists Association of Denmark.

Victor Andrade LabMob, UFR

Joe Wolf, Active Transportation


The debate will be conducted primarily in English.



Introduction by Mr. Washinton Fajardo

Placement for 10 minutes of Mr. Peter Kronstrøm

/ Clarisse Linke

/ Balder Brøndsted


Moderator: Paula Oliveira Camargo, CCD