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19 · 08 · 2016


This year, Danish Cultural Institute has launched a new initiative that brings the Nordic culture closer to the Brazilian population. This effort is Ponte Nórdica (Nordic Bridge) which is a film festival to take place from the 25th of August to the 7th of September at CAIXA Belas Artes in São Paulo. This festival is of high importance as a strategic tool to consolidate the presence of the Nordic countries in the biggest country of South America. The project includes and presents some of the most interesting films from Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Greenland and Denmark.



With its physical location in Rio de Janeiro, Danish Cultural Institute is an NGO that promotes intercultural exchange and comprehension between Denmark and Brazil. We focus on supporting projects with long-term potential between Brazilian and Danish cultural institutions, artists and other creative professionals. Danish Cultural Institute is a nonprofit organization which sole goal is to strengthen the cultural relation between the countries.


Sponsored by the cultural institution, CAIXA Cultural, the theme of this very first edition of Ponte Nórdica is Nordic co-production seen from a female perspective, through female directors, producers, protagonists, etc. However, the festival will also have excellent movies with male producers, directors and actors. The intention is to democratically treat the question of gender equality in the area of audiovisuals, having in mind the Nordic case as a point of departure for the Brazilian.


As an important feature of the festival, the movie screenings are accompanied by encounters and debates with Nordic cinematographers, focusing on the already existing bridges between the countries that make the industry sustainable and an innovative model for the Brazilian film industry. We are very proud to present the participation of the Swedish director, Katja Wik, and the Danish director, May el-Toukhy. Moreover, we will have the young Brazilian director Vera Egito, and the director of Ancine (Brazilian film institute), Débora Ivanov to be a part of Ponte Nórdica. To us it is incredibly important to create a synergetic festival that, besides celebrating the art of filmmaking, also interacts at a higher level through cultural exchange between industry professionals.


Thursday, 25 th of August

20.00 – Opening of the festival

“The Community” (DK) 90 min.


Friday, 26 th of August

16.00 “In Embryo” (DK) 105 min

18.30 “Long Story Short” (DK) 90 min

– Special programme with director, May el-Touhky


Saturday, 27 th of August

16.00 DEBATE

Participants: Katja Wik (SE); May el Touhky

(DK); Vera Egito (BR); Debora

Ivanov (BR); Mediadora: Maristela

Bizarro (BR)

18h30 SPECIAL PROGRAMME with the director of the movie “the Ex Wife”,

Katja Wik (SE) (digital)

23.30 “In Embryo” (DK) 105 min


Sunday, 28 th of August

16.00 “Brothers” (NO) 100 min

18.30 “A Serious Game” (SE-DK) 115 min


Monday, 29 th of August

16.00 Short movies (Generation, friendship and personal relations):

Movie 1: “Chum” (IS)

Movie 2: “Some People Have Real Problems” (NO)

Movie 3: “Bunker” (NO)

Movie 4: “Anneli” (FI)

18.30: “Sume: The Sound of Revolution” (GL) 84 min


Tuesday, 30th of August

14.00 Short movies (Mothers and children)

Movie 1: “Mommy” (DK) (digital)

Movie 2: “Mini” (DK) (digital)

Movie 3: “You and Me” (IS) (digital)

Movie 4: “Helga” (IS) (digital)

16.00 “The Kitchen Sink Revolution” (IS) 114 min

18.30 “Sume: The Sound of Revolution” (GL) 84 min


Wednesday, 31st  of August

16.00 Short movies (Mothers and children)

Movie 1: “Mommy” (DK)

Movie 2: “Mini” (DK)

Movie 3: “You and Me” (IS)

Movie 4: “Helga” (IS)

18.30 “The Kitchen Sink Revolution” (IS) 114 min


Thursday, 1st of September

16.00 “White People” (SE-DK) 82 min

18.30: “A Serious Game” (SE-DK) 115 min


Friday, 2nd of September

16.00: “The Swedish Theory of Love” (SE) 130 min

18.30: “A Serious Game” (SE-DK) 115 min


Saturday, 3rd of September

16.00 “The Swedish Theory of Love” (SE) 130 min

18.30 The Girl King” (SE-FI) 104 min

23.30 Filme, “White People” (SE-DK) 82 min


Sunday, 4th of September

16.00 “Brothers” (NO) (digital)100 min

18.30 “The Swedish Theory of Love” (SE) 130 min


Monday, 5th of September

16.00 “Sumé – The Sound of Revolution” (GL) 84 min

18.30 “The Kitchen Sink Revolution” (IS) 114 min


Tuesday, 6th of September

14.00 “In Embryo” (DK) 105 min

16.00 “The Girl King” (SE-FI) 104 min

18.30 “Long Story Short” (DK) 90 min


Wednesday, 7th of September

16.00 “Brothers” (NO) 100 min

18.30 “White People” (SE-DK)(digital) 82 min



CAIXA Cultural São Paulo – Praça da Sé

16.00 Lecture: Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies

(CIFS Latam) with Peter Kronstrøm (DK).

Topic: The future of the audiovisual industry and women.