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Dança DK

The Cultural Institute of Denmark in Brazil has in recent years worked on a strategy, where special areas have their own profile – the so-called umbrella project. Each has a name and a visual identity that offers a range of activities and other projects. The Umbrella project Dança DK brings the opportunity of creating a world of dance, where participants can experience residencies, performances, Danish/Brazilian co-creation, master class, art performances and interaction in the public sphere, school performances for young students, social inclusion and the fusion of “arts” and “education” in new intercultural ways.


Dança DK was developed in cooperation with professional dancer and university professor Deborah Dodd Macedo, and is built around three core values: democracy, participation and dialogue. The project involves professional dance groups, university students, young Brazilian dancers from underserved areas and higher education educational institutions within the performing arts in both countries.


In the first year Dança DK has already offered several incredible projects.


Seminar “Dance Education Denmark-Brazil”

The project was officially inaugurated in March this year, with the seminar “Dance Education Denmark – Brazil” held in the Brazilian capital, Brasília. Eight students and two teachers from the National School of Performing Arts (SSKS) and the Department of Music for Dance (MAD) visited the Federal Institute of Brasília (IFB) and the University of Brasília (UnB). The study trip was a success and the stepping stone to a five-year cooperation plan between the two institutions. During the week, the project reached about 600 children, university students, teachers and artists.


In August, Kim Helweg, the composer and leader of MAD will hold a one-week workshop on dance composition at IFB. The project was funded by the institutions themselves, but SSKS is working on an application for the Erasmus Plus Program to establish a three-year course, scheduled to begin in 2018.


The Department of Music’s education level of accompaniment to dance at the National School of Performing Arts is master’s degree, which focuses on the relationship between music and dance in interaction throughout the stage of composition, improvisation, production and performance. The success of this partnership was truly astonishing, especially for UnB’s music students who exchanged experiences with Danish musicians and became familiar with the different environments between movement and music.


Granhøj Dans visits São Paulo

The next project as part of DK Dance will be the award-winning dance company Granhøj Dans, which will be hosted in São Paulo and Lima, Peru, during the months of June and July 2017. Together with the producer, Patricia Alves Braga, the ICD takes care of the part in Brazil, where Cia, among others, will present the most recent work of choreographer Palle Granhøj, Petrushka at SESC Vila Mariana. The award-winning choreographer will also hold a workshop on July 7.


Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen will performe performance based on the architecture of Oscar Neymeyer

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen is winning the hearts of the Brazilians. She has already been to Brazil three times, among others for the Multiplicity Festival in 2014 and Largo das Artes in 2015. In September of this year she will be back, this time in Brasilia to do an artistic program with IFB students in Brasilia, and IFG in Goiânia, which will end with a presentation in a public space in Brasilia. The project works with the relationship between the body and the architecture of Niemeyer (Brasilia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site). An integration with the National School of Performing Arts in Denmark as a reflection of the project in a Danish context would be really interesting and we are working to make it possible. In addition, students from the Bergen Academy of Arts and Design, where Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen teaches, are included in the presentation.


Uppercut Dance & DF Zulu Breakers in Brasília

The year 2016 ended with CRASH, a dance show, in which the first seeds were planted as a project during the Dance and the Child International (DaCi) conference in Copenhagen in July 2015. DaCI is a member organization of UNESCO and works internationally with the teaching of dance. During the conference, Uppercut Dance Theater invited three dancers from the DF Zulu Breakers to Copenhagen and developed a ten-minute presentation during the physical interaction conference with Uppercut dancers. .

This experience was very inspiring for the artists involved, and in November, Uppercut will arrive in Brasilia to develop a 45-minute youth show in collaboration with DF Zulu Breakers. The presentation will be presented in six school performances, in theaters of the SESC organization, in the satellite cities of Ceilândia, Gama and Taguatinga counting with two more presentations in the center of Brasília. In addition, Uppercut and its Brazilian partners will hold workshops for young students during presentations in schools.


The music on the show is a combined Danish-Brazilian education and co-creation project, as described above. The work will be the final assignment of the students of the MAD. With CRASH, Uppercut is targeting a tour in Denmark and a series of performances during the five-year celebration of the Uppercut house, Dansekapellet, in North-west Copenhagen. The hope is to finish the project and present it at the next DaCI conference in Australia in 2018.