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About us

The Danish Cultural Institute in Brazil (DCI) was created in 2008 as the only branch of the DCI in the Americas, intended to promote cultural exchange between the two countries. We firmly believe that cultural understanding, involvement and appreciation are among the most powerful weapons for overcoming today’s global challenges, and that art and artistic dialogue is a platform for equal and empowering communication amongst people. Along the years, we have successfully developed dozens of projects with incredible partnerships and collaborations, both Brazilian and Danish.


The Danish Cultural Institute was founded in 1940 as an independent institution. The Danish Cultural Institute has branches in six different countries and collaborative partners all over the world. The Institute promotes dialogue and understanding across cultural differences and national borders. Our work is founded on a broad conceptual platform that embraces art, culture and society; areas that unite people across cultures, promote international understanding and facilitate intercultural communication.


The Danish Cultural Institute facilitates networks and strengthens collaboration between Danish and international artists and cultural institutions. Using culture as a common starting point, we create platforms for knowledge sharing, the exchange of ideas and experiences, resulting in lasting cultural relations.