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What We Do

We believe that art and culture are among Denmark’s most important assets, and our vision is to show that the exchange of art, culture and knowledge can contribute to handling global challenges and strengthen the Sustainable Development Goals.


At Danish Cultural Institute in Brazil, we work with the cultural dimension in the transformation towards a sustainable world, promoting intercultural dialogue, understanding and inspiration between Brazil and Denmark, as well as between Brazil and the Nordic region as a whole. We focus on co-creating new possibilities within urban design, audiovisual and food culture with democracy, sustainability, and diversity as cross-cutting values.


As Swedish top researcher Per Olsson, of Stockholm Resilience Centre, puts it: “The transformation involves fundamental change, which in the context of sustainability, requires radical, systemic shifts in values and beliefs, patterns of social behavior, and multilevel governance and management regimes. This is why cultural expressions, rights, heritage, diversity and creativity are core components of human and sustainable development and play a pivotal role for the 2030 Agenda to be successful.”


As a self-governing institution since 1940, we are engaged in creating mutual understanding between people. In our transcultural partnerships we develop international activities that challenge boundaries and create mutual inspiration, based on common important values in Denmark and the world, especially when it comes to equal rights, education, sustainable development, democracy, and active citizenship.


Consequently, our projects have many sizes and forms while addressing a wide-ranging cultural concept. This means that our projects can cover everything from music to urban development, active citizenship to theatre, literature and contemporary art to food. The common factor is to build bridges through mutual dialogue, inspiration, and understanding.


Danish Cultural Institute in Brazil is a member of EUNIC São Paulo.