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04 · 11 · 2022

Kathrine Windfeld Tour

Kathrine Windfeld at the SESC JAZZ Festival 

The Danish pianist, composer, arranger, and big band leader Kathrine Windfeld has been at SESC JAZZ with a new Danish-Brazilian artistic collaborations. Planned activities include presentations in big band and quartet format, new commissioned compositional collaborations, master classes and debates.

The first stop was in August at the Savassi Festival in Belo Horizonte, where she and the Danish drummer Henrik Hansen performed with o Clube’s Big Band and launch a new artistic collaboration with guitarist, composer and band leader Felipe Vilas Boas. . The intention is that the intercultural artistic encounter between Kathrine and Henrik with the most talented musicians from the Minas Gerais scene – a scene with such an important role in Brazilian music – will generate inspiring and innovative artistic exchanges. Even more, with the success of Kathrine Windfeld Sextet’s participation in the online edition of the SESC Jazz Festival 2021, we have a great starting point for presentations of this unprecedented Danish-Minas Gerais collaboration, both as a big band and as a quartet, at the SESC Jazz Festival in October 2022.

The Clube’s Big Band, a professional ensemble of 13 musicians, will rehearse and interpret Windfeld’s repertoire, arranged for exact instrumentation, including Brazilian percussion, and will present a new artistic collaboration with award-winning guitarist and composer Felipe Vilas Boas, leader of Big Club Band. Festival Savassi commissioned two Windfeld arrangements of compositions by Vilas Boas, to be recorded live and integrated into Vilas-Boas’s next big band album to be released by the festival’s label Savassi Records in early 2023. Mutual inspiration and artistic exchanges will gain new dimensions with performances by the new Danish-Brazilian quartet composed of Vilas-Boas, Windfeld, Brazilian bassist Bruno Velozzo and drummer Hansen. 


With her four big band albums released – AIRCRAFT (2015), LATENCY (2017), ORCA (2020) and DETERMINATION (2021) – Kathrine Windfeld’s name has quickly spread beyond the borders of her Scandinavian land, leading her to numerous awards and accolades in international publications. When renowned media like The Guardian (UK), Downbeat (US), Jazzthing (Germany) and Le Monde (France) all agree that Kathrine Windfeld is the name of the future, it’s good to be on the lookout. Her compositions are described as a rare combination of delicacy and strength: a colorful encounter of sophisticated harmonic universes, captivating grooves and poetic themes that float in her explosive arrangements.

As a young contemporary jazz artist and successful big band leader on the European scene, she will also be able to inspire female composers and instrumentalists in Brazil.

Felipe Vilas Boas, guitarist from São Paulo and resident in Belo Horizonte, is already consecrated in the new crop of jazz and instrumental music musicians in the Minas Gerais scene. He is the winner of several awards in Brazil and abroad.

The repertoire of the big band performances has highlighted six compositions and arrangements by Kathrine, mainly from her most recent album, DETERMINATION (2021), complemented by two unpublished authorial arrangements of compositions by Felipe Vilas Boas. The repertoire of the quartet’s performances consisted of a selection of Kathrine’s large number of compositions for quartet and sextet.

The estimated duration is a set of 60 minutes, but this can be adapted to the specific context. 



Kathrine Windfeld – piano, compositions, arrangements


Club’s Big Band

Felipe Vilas Boas – guitar and artistic direction

Jackson Ganga – alto sax

Vinicius Augustus – alto sax

Breno Mendonça – tenor sax

Vinícius Mendes – tenor sax

Wagner Souza – trumpet

Daniel Leal – trumpet

João Machala – trombone

Danilo Mendonça – trombone

Lucas De Moro – piano

Bruno Vellozo – bass

Henrik Holst Hansen – drums

Cyrano Almeida – percussion

Producer of the Club’s Big Band: Paloma Parentoni

Kathrine Windfeld Quartet

Kathrine Windfeld – piano, compositions, arrangements

Felipe Vilas Boas – guitar

Bruno Vellozo – bass

Henrik Holst Hansen – drums


Scubidu Productions 

Rehearsal with big band in São Paulo
Concert at SESC Pompéia